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Music Royalties Inc. Declares Fourth Increase to the Monthly Dividend by 25%

Music Royalties Inc. (‘MRI’) declares an increase in the monthly dividend to $0.0025 per share on its common stock, representing a 25% increase from 2.4 cents to 3 cents per year for a 6% yield for new investors and a 20% yield for original investors.

This dividend increase marks the fourth significant increase in the dividend (+20%, +50%, +33%, +25%) reflecting MRI’s long-term plan of making accretive acquisitions which underpin the ability to grow the dividend by double digit rates on an ongoing basis. The company’s goal is to list publicly to allow music fans as investors to own a share of passive non-correlated music streaming cash flow from the top global artist brands, driven by global smartphone and streaming growth. Our Dividend Track Record MRI has a four year increasing dividend track record and by the end of 2022 will have paid out a total of 7 cents in cumulative dividends per share, representing almost 50% ROI from dividends alone, before capital gains for original investors.

To date MRI has paid out over $3 million to shareholders in 30 dividend payments. Our accretive acquisition model means MRI will only do deals that allow us to continually increase our dividend and stock price. MRI is committed to passing through our streaming revenues in full, due to low overhead similar to an ETF but structured as a company. MRI is a diversified portfolio of primarily passive streaming income and is not in the music business.

About Music Royalties Inc. Music Royalties Inc. is an artist and investor partnership which provides direct exposure to music revenues from the hyper-growth in global streaming platforms by acquiring song royalties for our shareholders.

Our goal is to increase share value by accumulating a diversified portfolio of cash flowing royalties in order to pay increasing dividends.


Connor Gallagher

+1 647-921-2206

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