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MUSIC ROYALTIES INC. Acquires TV Composer Catalog

Toronto, May 16, 2023 – Music Royalties Inc. (“MRI”), an investment company with a diversified portfolio of iconic catalogs of songwriter, manager, producer and sound recording interests, is pleased to announce its 25th acquisition of a TV composer catalogue built up over 30 years. The catalog encompasses a healthy diverse collection of works in various styles including thousands of tracks of score cues and many are highly regarded and known among countless fans. This catalog was acquired for several million dollars generating a 10% yield. The composer has enhanced the catalog with futures to guarantee the yield and has taken a portion of the acquisition price in shares of Music Royalties Inc.

The music ranges from a 10 year old TV series which continues to play in syndication and generates consistent revenue to the 5 year hit series ‘Private Eyes’, which has performed exceptionally well domestically and with 60 episodes going into international syndication, the expectation for foreign revenue is bright.

Overall, the music in this catalog is profoundly licensable for other projects. The catalog is equally weighted in genre and style, from drama and action to comedy, horror and suspense to Christmas specials including:

  • Cues from Hallmark Christmas Movies, Fear Factor, Benchwarmers 2, Private Eyes

  • Income generated from this catalog is primarily coming from CBC News Network, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, YouTube, Apple Video

  • Income is primarily coming from the United States and Canada. Other notable countries that have been streaming or licensing some of the shows/movies in this catalog are UK, Latvia, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, Latvia, Uruguay, Switzerland and Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and France

About Music Royalties Inc. Alternative Non-Correlated Passive International Streaming Income Distributed Via Monthly Dividends Music Royalties Inc.’s intellectual property portfolio provides direct exposure to music revenues which are exhibiting long term growth due to smartphone adoption, increasing paid subscriptions of music services (iTunes, Spotify, YouTube) and exploding streaming growth on new platforms (Amazon, Facebook, TikTok) generating double digit income growth in a low growth world. MRI’s goal is to increase share value by accumulating a diversified portfolio of cash flowing royalties which pay a monthly dividend. MRI acquired its first catalog in 2018 and has paid out over $5 million in 40 dividend payments derived mostly from the streaming income from songs of numerous artist brands diversified by era and genre. MRI has tripled its dividend from $0.01 to $0.03 per share through ongoing accretive acquisitions of cash flow from music rightsholders averaging 6-20% yields.

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