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Music Royalties Inc. Pays 46th Dividend for a Cumulative Ten Cents per Share since 2019

November 15, 2023, Toronto, Canada. Music Royalties Inc. (‘MRI’) has achieved two important milestones with the payment of its 46th dividend:

1) a cumulative $0.10 per share in dividends and

2) a total of over $7 million has been paid out to shareholders since 2019.

Ten cents in dividends represents a 67% return on capital for initial investors who invested at $0.15 per share, 25% in dividends for $0.40 per share investors and up to 20% in dividends for $0.50 per share investors before capital gains. New investors at $0.50 per share receive $0.036 per year for a starting 7.2% yield, which is more than double the average S&P/TMX Canadian corporate dividend of 3.4% and four times the average long-term S&P 500 dividend yield of 1.8%.

MRI Dividend Track Record

MRI has more than tripled its dividend and stock price over the past 5 years through significant increases in the dividend (+20%, +50%, +33%, +25%, +20%) reflecting on MRI’s long-term strategy of making accretive acquisitions at 6x to 10x cash flow, generating 10% to 15% yields, underpins the company’s ability to grow the dividend by double digit rates on an ongoing basis. The company’s goal is to list publicly to allow music fans as investors to own a share of passive non-correlated music streaming cash flow from the top global artist brands, driven by global smartphone and streaming growth.

The accretive corporate acquisition model with no AUM fees or debt allows MRI to continually increase the dividend and stock price. MRI is committed to fully passing through streaming revenues. MRI is a diversified portfolio of primarily passive streaming income and is not in the music business.

About Music Royalties Inc.

Music Royalties Inc. is an artist and investor virtual partnership which provides direct exposure to music revenues from global streaming platforms by acquiring song royalties for shareholders. MRI has increased share value by accretively acquiring a diversified portfolio of 27 cash flowing royalties in order to pay increasing dividends.

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Connor Gallagher

P: (647) 921-2206


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