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Will We ever Run out of Music? Yes...But

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Currently, there is 6,500 languages known in the universe. Of those languages we can only make 840 possible distinguishable sounds. Musical tastes 1000 years from now will most assuredly be different but given melodies as we know them today. Across 8 notes, over 12 intervals, there are 78 billion possible combinations. To put that into perspective, if 100 songwriters created a new melody every second it would take them 248 years to write all them down.

HOWEVER, even though realistically, there are more possibilities than we could ever exhaust, humans gravitate towards a few patterns like “Common Meter” or “Ballad Meter."

This is a bold statement, but music as an asset class is more like real estate without all the hassle of renovations and tenants that don’t pay. As music gets repurposed it further extends the life of the royalties paid out.

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