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Take a look at this Spotify “rich list.”

A financial insights blog called Top Dollar took a look at Spotify streaming stats and attempted to calculate how much money the biggest streamers make.

Here’s a quick summary.

• The biggest earner on Spotify’s is Drake with estimated earnings of haul of US$52,546,150, a full US$15 million more than number two J Balvin.

• The top-earning woman is Ariana Grande, who has taken home US$22,745,724, Billie Eilish is second with about US$19 million.

• The top-grossing song on Spotify is “Shape of You,” which brought in US$6,566,000 for Ed Sheeran/

• If you add up the 10 highest-earners, they’ve made a combined US$337,485,480 from Spotify.

• The highest-earning song from before 2010 is Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” That’s been worth US$3,349,150 so far on Spotify.

Let’s take a look at rock.

And these are the most valuable rock songs on Spotify.

More Spotify money stats can be found here.

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