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Acquisition #3: Pop from Backstreet Boys & More


Here’s an opportunity to invest in a diverse pop catalog with growing royalties. The last four quarters' earnings increased 50% compared to the previous four quarters. This growth can be attributed to a considerable increase in earnings from both radio and streaming sources.

One of the obvious draws to this collection are the titles from the immensely popular boy band Backstreet Boys. The six songs account for 27% of the catalog’s historic earnings. The highest-earning track in the catalog itself is Backstreet Boys’ “Permanent Stain,” accounting for 12% of income to date. Five of the six tracks are off the Backstreet Boys’ 2013 album In a World Like This, which debuted at No. 5 on Billboard 200. Also included is the Backstreet Boys’ holiday title “It’s Christmas Time Again” and “Show Em What You’re Made Of," which is the theme song of the documentary film Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of.

This catalog also boasts a variety of other artists. There’s “White Flag” from female folk band Joseph, EDM
act Marshmello’s 2016 release “Ritual,” “Gibberish” from MAX, and Shane Harper’s “Hold You Up,” which was used in the indie film God’s Not Dead.

Key Drivers

TV and Film Placements. This pop catalog is unique in that many of the songs have gained placements in popular TV series. For example, "Brighter" that was featured in the Season 7 finale of Grey's Anatomy, "Simply Human" was used in Fox’s House (Season 8, Episode 9), and "Where Do I Even Start?" was placed in Season 8 of Grey's Anatomy. Other titles in the catalog have been used in MTV’s Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and 16 And Pregnant, Ellen Degeneres Show, WWE Smackdown, and the independent Christian film God's Not Dead.

Historically, royalties generated from TV/Film -- performances of the songs within TV series or movies -- account for 32% of this catalog’s revenue. As the winning bidder, you’ll collect any performance royalties for music in this catalog. For example, when an episode of Grey’s Anatomy airs with “Simply Human” or “Where Do I Even Start” on TV or on Netflix, you will earn money.

Pop and Streaming. According to the BuzzAngle 2017 Music Report, pop titles were the third-most streamed songs last year, representing 15.6% of all streams. Streaming accounts for 24% of this pop catalog's earnings last year -- and its income is on the rise -- a 73% increase over the previous four quarters.


Every time “Permanent Stain” or any song in this catalog, is played on TV, radio, Sirius XM, or any other type of public performance, you earn royalties.

BMI makes payments quarterly and the first distribution you will receive is set for June 2018. Royalty Exchange will collect the payments from BMI and disburse to you in July 2018.


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